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Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I want to load a javascript file at the end of jquery. If your application is new and not too far along yet, you could get a lot out of using LABjs for that purpose. It allows all your script files to load in parallel or, even, at any other time that you prefer on demand. Learn more. Asked 9 years, 11 months ago. Active 3 years, 8 months ago.

load javascript in jquery

Viewed 20k times. My jquery. Would this be a good way to do that? Kyle Kyle Active Oldest Votes. David Droddy David Droddy 33 10 10 bronze badges. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name.

Email Required, but never shown. The Overflow Blog. Socializing with co-workers while social distancing. Podcast Programming tutorials can be a real drag.The following example shows how to load html content from the server and add it to div element.

jQuery - Ajax

In the above example, we have specified html file to load from the server and add its content to the div element. The load method allows us to specify a portion of the response document to be inserted into DOM element. This can be achieved using url parameter, by specifying selector with url separated by one or multiple space characters as shown in the following example.

In the above example, content of the element whose id is myHtmlContent, will be added into msgDiv element. The following is a demo. The load method also allows us to specify data to be sent to the server and fetch the data. In the above example, first parameter is a url from which we want to fetch the resources.

The second parameter is data to be sent to the server. The third parameter is a callback function to execute when request succeeds. Python ASP. Tutorials Python Sass Https.

jquery ajax load

Skill Tests ASP. Note : If no element is matched by the selector then Ajax request will not be sent. Example: jQuery load Method. Example: Set Data in load. Try it. Points to Remember :. Share Tweet Share Whatsapp.Sponsored by and others.

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load javascript in jquery

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load javascript in jquery

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jQuery load() Method

You can also use the below options to login. Search jQuery Search. Move this topic Cancel. Using jQuery. After I submit my form via ajax, I sometimes get back content json format with some inline jscript in one of the fields i. In my case, I can't avoid these inline jscript, so I can't really put them in external js files to load I really hope someone can shed some light here Regards Raine.

Replies 9. You can execute JavaScript code with the eval function, e. Leave a comment on Michael Geary's reply. Regards Raine. Leave a comment on yellow's reply. Leave a comment on MorningZ's reply. I actually did, I put a very simple line alert "testing" ; No error, no effect, weird.It basically allows you to add content from another HTML file or whatever else as if you had never visited that page.

So like on Facebook, your URL never changes even though you keep scrolling, but it's continually adding content from something like "page-2", "page-3" and so on. I doubt Facebook works like that, but that's the general idea. I can't seem to find the method right now, but that may be somewhere to look for your solution.

I'm sure you're aware that you can accomplish this same task very easily using a server side language as well. I tried to view the workspace demo that you prepared but it took me to a Bummer, It appears the page you're looking for doesn't exist. I'm sorry about that. I had a feeling it might do that. So the external html file is called "test. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly about this. I have looked over and tested out your code and I think it's working.

The link you provided seems like a great solution for what you are looking for. All you need to do is follow the steps and style your nav links the way you want too. Posting to the forum is only allowed for members with active accounts. Please sign in or sign up to post.

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I forgot my password. Stu Cowley 26, Points. Here's where it may be tricky, I have 8 pages. I have been searching Google and have not been able to find anything that seems stable. Thanks in advance Stu :.

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Mike Baxter 4, Points. Mike Baxter Mike Baxter 4, Points. Armin Broubakarian 15, Points. Armin Broubakarian Armin Broubakarian 15, Points.

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Stu Cowley Stu Cowley 26, Points. Hey Armin, I tried to view the workspace demo that you prepared but it took me to a Bummer, It appears the page you're looking for doesn't exist.JavaScript loaders are incredibly powerful and useful utilities. I've even covered a few of them on this blog, like curljs and LABjsand have used RequireJS and the Dojo loader on personal projects.

They're super powerful but can be overkill in some cases. If you're using jQuery, there's a built in method for loading a single script which may come in handy if you'd like to lazy load a plugin or any other type of script.

Here's how to use it! A basic usage of jQuery. The obvious use case for jQuery. If you need to do more advanced stuff like loading multiple scripts and different types of file types text files, images, css files, etcI'd recommend you switched to a JavaScript loader. In the case of wanting to lazy load a plugin and not simply load it with each page, getScript is perfect!

It's important to note that when using jQuery. Unfortunately you need to override all caching to cache the script and still use jQuery. My team mate Edna Piranha is not only an awesome hacker; she's also a fantastic philosopher!

Communication and online interactions is a subject that has kept her mind busy for a long time, and it has also resulted in a bunch of interesting experimental projects Google Plus provides loads of inspiration for front-end developers, especially when it comes to the CSS and JavaScript wonders they create.

How to Call JavaScript Function on Page Load

The post became quite popular so I If I can avoid using JavaScript for element animations, I'm incredibly happy and driven to do so. They're more efficient, don't require a JavaScript framework to manage steps, and they're more elegant. One effect that is difficult to nail down with pure CSS is sliding up Just remember getScript appends a random value on the GET request to prevent caching. However, be aware that the default behavior of getScript is to load the content using AJAX and insert it in an inline script-tag on the website.

Because the browser has no way to tell where the content actually came from, the dev tool built-in, Firebug etc. This forces jQuery to instead create a script-tag with the src-attribute set to the url of the script and debugging will again work as expected. Wrote an extension to the getScript method that allows for multiple scripts to be loaded synchronously and asynchronously.

Hope it helps! If it is possible, an example would be helpful for the noobs like me. What about loading 3rd party scripts and setting a timeout? This is not true. The script is loaded at that point but not necessarily executed.By John Paul Mueller. Many web developers use multiple libraries, like Google Content Distribution Network CDNwhen creating a JavaScript application because each library has something special to offer.

Each reference to a source outside the current page can trigger a security message. Consequently, your application fails because it lacks access to the libraries it needs to work. The answer is to use a single source to access the libraries you need. All the user needs to do is approve use of a single domain. You see it all the time when working with pages online.

When you want to use a particular library, you click its link on the page, and Google displays a script for accessing it. For example, when you want to use jQuery, you click its link to see a snippet similar to the one shown here. With a simple replacement of the src attribute, you can use the Google CDN version of the library.

Give it a try and you find that the example works just as it did before. Your application may depend on a specific version of the jQuery library. If this is the case, you can access the version you want from the Google CDN. Simply replace the 1. You can reach him at John JohnMuellerBooks.This article was peer reviewed by Mev-Rael and Tim Severien.

The ready method was implemented in jQuery to execute code when the DOM is fully loaded. Since it executes the given function when all DOM elements are available, you can be sure that trying to access or manipulate elements will work. Before the release of version 3, there were several ways you could call the ready method:.

All above named variants are functionally equivalent. The specified handler will be called when the DOM is fully loaded, no matter on which element it was called. Instead, it will be called when the entire DOM is fully loaded.

In jQuery 3. The official justification is:. This is because the selection has no bearing on the behavior of the. The ready event is fired when the DOM is fully loaded and accesses to elements are safe. The load event, on the other hand, is fired after the DOM and all assets have loaded. This waits not only for the DOM to be ready for interaction but also for images to be completely loaded which can take time, depending on the image sizes.

The ready method makes sure that code is only executed when all DOM elements are safe to be manipulated. But what does this mean?

jQuery - load() Method

But, note that the callback will not be executed if the event has already fired. You could also include the domReady library, which has already implemented this solution. For IE versions less than or equal 8, you could use the onreadystatechange event to detect the readyState of a document:. Alternatively you could use the load event, like jQuery does, as this will work in any browser.

Before jQuery 3.

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The official justification is: This is because the selection has no bearing on the behavior of the. Older versions of Internet Explorer For IE versions less than or equal 8, you could use the onreadystatechange event to detect the readyState of a document: document.

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